vnw online mode

vnw online mode

Online button

When this button is activated, the information is searched online and in the user’s data system and is displayed to the user. The green button indicates that this mode is active and when the button is gray, you are not connected to the server.

One of the benefits of this approach is to search for possible program bugs based on server information and the program would fix them automatically when facing them. Of course, this assessment mode is of lower speed compared to the offline mode.

In online mode, the user views all the available menus and sub-menus and even the menus that are not included in his system. The program automatically attempts to connect to the server at the time of opening; however, the offline mode is activated when it is not connected. When the offline button is green when you click the online button, your system is not connected to the Internet or it is too slow.

Offline button

By clicking this button, the information is only loaded from your hard drive and the server is disconnected. In this case, all menus and sub-menus are not likely to be displayed and only menus available on the user’s hard drive are displayed. Also, new menus created by the user will also be displayed in offline mode.

This display mode is faster than the online mode due to the lack of Internet connection.

When minimizing the program, the online and offline buttons are smaller and displayed as shown below:

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