The buttons in this section are related to the information on the user’s hard drive and appear when the subject matter is already downloaded or installed.

Open the file save location in the VNW application

After clicking this button, the selected file folder is opened and the file itself is in the selected mode.

Copy the file URL in the VNW program

With selecting this button, the file address is stored on your keyboard. You can paste this address by pressing the Ctrl + V buttons in the address bar or in the desired applications.

Researching textures on the Internet

If your files have been downloaded incompletely for any reason (in object and material categories), this button allows you to look for the texture program. If they are not available in your system, they will be downloaded.

When this button is pressed, a dialog box displaying the name of the texture used in the object or material appears and if any of these textures are not available on your system, it will start downloading them. There will be no message if no texture is available.

Re-download the items button

When this button is pressed, the model will be re-downloaded. This button will be used when the subject has been fixed or updated or modified by us.

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