Refresh button

This button re-calculates the entire current category information and displays it in its bottom panel. This button is useful when the user manually changes the program information. In other cases, such as downloading information, this button is used automatically.

Maximize and minimize button

This button shrinks the program’s main dialog and also changes the program as TopMost. This means that the program window is on top of all dialogs and the VNW program is also displayed when it is used along with other software. This mode helps the user to easily drag and drop models, textures and more to other programs.

When you’ve already minimized the dialog by using this button, the program would be maximized by re-clicking the dialog.

Move buttons in menus

These buttons help the user navigate through the menus without reopening the menus. For example, when the user opens the Chair 1, he moves to the Chair 2 category through the menus with no need to open this category.

Texture search button in the VNW program


This useful button searches all the downloaded objects or material and if a texture concerned in that model or material is not available on your system, it would download it.

Note: This button works online and no results would be obtained if there is no Internet connection.

Search field by number

This field allows you to quickly search by numbers. For example, if you always use the model No. 55, you can write 55 in this field to quickly observe it.

Add New Model

By clicking this button, you can add your models to the existing category.

Video to view more details

Field displaying the selected category and the number of available items

In this section, you can see what category you have selected and how many items exist in this category. For example, in the image above, the number of items found is 0 and the selected category is Material Food 2.



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