File entries, number and size

In this section, you can see the filename, file number, and, most importantly, the file size when downloading. The file size helps you select and download files of smaller size when you are in a hurry.

Download files button

When clicking this button, the file will start downloading. After downloading the concerned item, the textures (if the item is of object or material type) will begin to be downloaded separately after a short time. This feature allows you not to download duplicated textures and decreases your download size.

Larger image display of selected item

When clicking this button, you can view the larger related image and have a better selection at download time.

Copy download address

When clicking this button, the download address is copied to your keyboard and you can download the items with the download manager browser or any other application. This option is very useful in downloading large-size files like HDRIs.

Note: When using this button to download objects and materials, you should know that the textures are not downloaded and only the model file or the material will be downloaded.

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