Show All button

When this option is not enabled (default), the information panel of this section only displays information that is not available on the user’s hard drive.

After activating this option, regardless of files that have already been downloaded, it would display all items relevant to the selected category.

Refresh button

After pressing this button, the data is recalled. When the Internet is disconnected and you want to retrieve lost data at the time of connection, this button is of use.

Displaying the number of options

This option shows you how many items are found and how many of them are selected. In the above figure, 137 items are found, of which 6 are selected and are ready to be downloaded.

Quick selection buttons

These buttons from right to left respectively are as follows:

None: It is to deselect all items.

Invert: It is to select disabled items and disable selected items (reverse selection mode).

All: It is to select all items.


Download button

This button adds all selected items to the download list.

Note: When selecting and downloading multiple files together, the original files (Max or Mat and the like) are first downloaded and textures would then be downloaded.

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